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TMH Art Studio


Hi ~ My name is Tami Hughes.... To better understand how I became an artist, let's start almost from the beginning...


I have been drawing most of my life; from what I was told, it started at the age of 4. I won my first competition at the age of 10, where I was awarded a Silver Dollar for a drawing of Rumpelstiltskin - I believe I still have that somewhere. Throughout the years, art has always been there, and to be honest, I was getting burned out. After high school, I took a year off and traveled around Europe, where I made the decision to attend Cooper School of Art in Cleveland, OH. It seemed like the right thing to do. Right out of college, I landed a career in the printing field, where I was able to take what I learned in college and gained true hands-on experience in separations, layout, printing, etc. I was introduced to computers when I started working for McMillian Publishing Company out of NY. Through what I learned in the printing field, I was able to really understand the process of how to put things together through this new technology, which I felt gave me an advantage over others. Here is where I became a computer graphic designer/artist. I also have had the honor of working for Marley Heating Co. out of NY as well as Walt Disney and the NFL in Indiana on their clothing line (Jerseys, T-shirts, Jackets, etc.).


My journey has been interesting, but something was missing. After going back to college to search out a different career in Animation at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, I realized I wanted to go back to my first love.

It wasn’t until 2016 that I decided to picked up my paint brush and do something about it. Waiting until I retired was not giving me a fair chance to see if I could make it as an artist.


I have to say, starting back has been a challenge. Each new piece of art has allowed me to get one step closer to reaching my goal.


   • First goal: To reach 100 paintings/drawings by the end of this year.

   • Second goal: Every three months, have a booklet of my work printed to record my journey.

   • Third goal: To become a full-time artist by the end of 2018.


  Stay Tuned & Keep Movin' Forward!