Thank you for visiting my site. Since I've been an artist, it's been difficult to find time for anything! In addition to working full-time, I sometimes hold two jobs (one part-time and one full-time). There were several times when I considered giving up on my art. Even though I love what I do, not having enough time to do it was getting to me. I asked God, "Should I give up or walk away?" He told me not to throw away the gift He had given me. The verse in James 1:17 states, "When you start over, you're starting from scratch." Practice is the key to improving and growing in art. I honed my skills as I began teaching, then gradually faded them out as I focused once again on my artwork. Due to my devotion to God, my art has become an integral part of my daily life. It is an honor to be a student of the master artist! My joy is slowly returning. Whenever I stop comparing myself with others who have done this for a living, I become more excited about my potential to grow in all areas of my life. ~Tami