Welcome to my site. It's been a struggle to find time to do anything as an artist most of my life! I work full-time, sometimes not one but two jobs (the second one is part-time). There were several times when I considered walking away from my art. Despite loving what I do, not having enough time to do it was getting to me. My question to God was, "Give it up or walk away?" He showed me that He had given me this gift and I shouldn't toss it away. James 1:17  When you start over, it is like starting from scratch. In order to improve and grow in art, you must practice every day. My skills were sharpened as I started teaching, then I slowly faded them out, as I began to focus once again on my artwork. As a result of my devotion to God, my art has become an invaluable part of my daily walk. I am a student of the master artist! Slowly, I am regaining my joy. The more I stop comparing myself to others who have done this for a living, the more excited I become about the potential I have to grow in all aspects of my life. Enjoy your walk thru my gallery. ~Tami